Sonntag, 20. März 2011

Rachel Hawkins: Demonglass

DEMONGLASS (2011) is the 2nd book in Rachel HawkinsHEX HALL series.

~ I try to avoid spoilers, but here this is not really possible. So, please: If you like to read the first book and don’t want to have it spoiled ignore the following part. Thank you. ~

In a nutshell:

Sophia “Sophie” Mercer has found out that she is a demon and now she spends the summer with her friends Jenna (a lesbian Vampire) and Cal (the gardener of Hex Hall) in England with her father. She wants to get rid of her magic but this is a dangerous thing to do, so her family and friends are not happy about this. And: there is another thing that brought her to the UK: Archer, whom she loves and who appeared to be a demon hunter was seen in London several times.

As you may remember I liked the first book very much – this time I am not that excited: The second book is less funny. Or it is the German translation which in parts made me ... sigh. Yes, it made me sigh. Maybe I expected to much? Anyhow, this book is a nice read in between. I still like it and want to read the following book(s?).

I love Jenna and want to know what happened to her – this book ends with the meanest cliffhanger ever!! :”)

The German title is “DUNKLE MAGIE” (which means: Dark Magic) and even the cover is this time not as pretty as the first one was. (Really, I think it is ME not the book..)

DEMONGLASS fits into

The Read Outside Your Comfort Zone Challenge 2011,

because I am generally no YA and fantasy reader.

and also into

The LGBT Book Challenge 2011

because of my favourite character Jenna, the lesbian vampire.


  1. Aw, sorry to hear this one wasn't quite as funny as the first! I had heard about the gigantic cliffhanger it ends on so at least when I read it I'll know that's coming :)

  2. Well, it is not as funny as the first book - but still good. (And a bit funny, too..) :")


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