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Kathryn Miller Haines: The War against Miss Winter

THE WAR AGAINST MISS WINTER by Kathryn Miller Haines (2007) is the first of the Miss Winter mystery series.

In a nutshell:
Rosie Winter is a not so successful actress in New York, who works also in Jim McCain’s detective bureau. On New Year’s Eve 1942 she finds her boss dead in the bureau’s closet. The police is thinking of suicide – so Rosie starts to find out on her own what happened to him – and learns very soon, that not only Jim was searching for a mysterious theatrical play...

Rosie is a very quick at repartee – sometimes too quick. In the beginning I loved that but in the end I found her a bit nerve-racking – but I loved the minor parts!

There are Jayne, who is Rosie’s best friend and roommate, who is also an actress - with an hourglass figure and a voice like Betty Boop;

Tony a mobster, who is deeply in love with Jayne; Al, Tony’s “employee” who is build like an ox and a very sweet person – and a tom cat named Churchill - to whom Rosie has a kind of "cold war relationship". ;")

I will read the following Rosie Winter mysteries too – just because I want to read more about those fabulous minor characters!
It's a fun read - a bit like a classic 1940ies detective film only with a female detective.. ;")

Here is the German cover:

The German title is MISS WINTERS HANG ZUM RISIKO (= Miss Winter's liability to risk)
Doesn't this Miss Winter look like classic actress Gene Tierney?
Yes, I know, it's another hat - but still.. ;")
This book fits in two of my challenges:


  1. I like your comparison between the Miss Winter cover and Gene Tierney. They do look very alike!

    I thought this was a fun read too.

  2. You're so right about Miss Winter and Gene Tierney,who in my humble opinion is one of the most gorgeous women EVER made.

    I might have to give this series some time. I don't really know anything about it. Thank you for the "heads up"

  3. I love detective stories and I want to read this one! You are right about Miss Winter and Gene Tierney - they do look very similar.

  4. hihi - glad you all agree with my Gene Tierney suspicion - actually this book catches my interest that way.. ;")

  5. I love detective stories in general, but I am not sure about this one. There seems to be very little plot there. In addition, I also tend to judge a book by its cover. I never would've picked it because of that, although there is something about the German cover.


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