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Jennifer Donnelly: A Northern Light

A NORTHERN LIGHT by Jennifer Donnelly (2003) is a historic novel stted in the north of New York State. In July 1906 Mathilda (a farmer’s daughter who is called Mattie) is working in a hotel. Then the death body of hotel guest Grace Brown is found in a lake near the hotel. Only Mattie who has Grace’s letters is able to solve this mystery.

On first sight this seems to be a crime novel – but it isn’t. Yes, it is based on a true murder case, but it is more of a coming of age story about Mattie who wants to be a writer but is bound to her home and family.

Beside the classic topics (love, family, infidelity, loss etc.) also racism and sexual harassment are touched on. Friends of literal classics will be happy to find some classic titles and quotes mentioned. Certain Captain Wenthworth, Heathcliff and Rochester are mentioned.
*yay for that!*

Though this book is nothing to cause headaches because of a too complex story it certainly is able to cause an interest to read classic novels (again). By the way - this time I like the German cover ways more. What Do you think?

  • Please, tell me: I have one question to my followers who have read this book already: In the German translation there is an Edgar Allan Poe story quoted in which a man has “burned” a death body beneath his floor. I am a lover of Edgar Allan Poe stories and the only one I can think of, which would match this is THE TELL-TALE HEART – and there are death body is “buried” beneath the floor. Is there a story I don’t know or is there a mistake in the translation? Please tell me!

  • Links to look at: The German title DAS LICHT DES NORDENS - which is the direct translation of the original title - is also a name of a German breed of great danes. Have a look: Licht des Nordens (this page is also available in English) These animals are great - but I think I'll stick to my cats.. ;")
    There’s also a link to a page with marvelous photos showing northern Scandinavian landscape by a photograph who lives in Cologne: Licht des Nordens. (Please don't copy any of his pictures - most Germans are very fond of their copyrights.. ;")
    And of course Wikipedia has an article about the Grace Brown murder case: Read it here.


  1. I think it must be the translation. I can't think of any other Poe story that fits except for "The Tell-tale Heart." Glad to see you posting again, by the way. Missed seeing your comments!

  2. Thank you very much - for your answer(which made me: "OOOH - I KNEW IT!!!") and for saying that you missed seeing my comments (which made me: "See! - NOT EVERY ONE hates you.")

  3. I don't know why you would think everyone hates you. I've appreciated all your comments on my posts!

  4. well, I think because at that special moment I did not like myself. Kind of speaking for others.. :"/
    You may look forward for tons of comments by me. ;"p


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