Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

Fab in High Heels by Sarah Toner

I am a fan of high heels.

I love to walk barefooted – I also like wearing heels - not on a daily basis though which would be of course unhealthy. . (yeah, I am aware of that, mom, thank you..) - but now and then..

Obviously I am not he only one who does so and due to that there are some books who deal with high heels.

One of these is FABULOUS IN HIGH HEELS : A SHORT SWEET SOLUTION TO THE CRISIS OF WEARING STILETTOES by Sarah Toner (2009) with an intro by fabulous Jennifer Saunders (love her!!)

This book shows some easy exercises to strengthen your feet and legs so you’ll be able to enjoy wearing heels a little more – and these exercises will give your posture a little “uplift”, too.

A very nice gimmick is that this book (at least in the German edition..) can stay up by itself- which is a great help when you’re doing the exercises.

FAB IN HIGH HEELS is quite nice – but don’t buy it, because I think for that small amount of info you’ll pay a bit too much. – It’s like a very long Cosmopolitan article..

So: Make sure you’ll receive it as a gift! That would be perfect.. ;”)

Here we have one lady who for sure could walk and even run in heels:

My heroine - Marilyn Monroe!!


  1. Thanks so much for this review...I think I'll try to find this one at the library.

  2. Glad you liked it, Birdie - and I hope you'll find it at your library! ;")


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