Sonntag, 21. August 2011

Candy by Terry Southern and Mason Hoffenberg

In 1958 Terry Southern and Mason Hoffenberg wrote a satire about psychoanalysis and porn: CANDY - and it was quite a scandal back then..

Actually I don't know how I can put the "plot" into words: It's just that Candy shags with almost every man she meets.. - because they "need" her.. Well, isn't she a doll?? ;")

I thought it was kind of funny - and it thaught me some new words for vagina.. (which I can't repeat - because: I am a laaaady.. - well, kind of.. ;"p)

It is also a satire of all those "find your spiritistic way and start to loose any need for sex via shagging your guru" stuff.. ;")

~ Oh you think you're pregnant? Here is a ticket to Tibet.. Bye.. ~

Actually this book is said to have some relations to CANDIDE by Voltaire and DECAMERON by Boccaccio.. I didn't read any of them - so I can't really tell you about this..

The German cover shows Ewa Aulin who personated Candy in the film adaptation - which is (in my opinion) screaming funny.. ~ mhm.. if you don't get the humour - you might just see trash porn.. could be nice too, I think.. ;"p ~

The German title is CANDY - ODER DIE SEXTE DER WELTEN - which means "Candy - or the sexth of the worlds" (yes, actually a pun that works in English AND German..)

I am not so sure about if this book is really that what you would call "a treasure" but by being released in 1958 it sure fits into the FORGOTTEN TREASURES CHALLENGE.. ;")

Progress on that -> HERE . ;")



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