Montag, 21. Februar 2011

Gloria Vanderbilt: It seemed important at that time

I picked IT SEEMED IMPORTANT AT THAT TIME by Gloria Vanderbilt, (2004) because lately I am very interested in Truman Capote and his life and I wanted to know more about Gloria Vanderbilt, who is an actrice, painter, designer and author and was one of his good friends.

Though it is a read which language you could find either poetic or preposterous - it didn't make me feel that I learned more about her life. I know that this is my fault - next time I pick a biography - and not memoirs.. ;")

It took me only one evening to read it and it was like a friend talking to you - but a not very close friend:
I can't get rid of the feeling that we would not harmonise with each other - but still I am interested to find out more about her.

That she was married to Leopold Stokowski and Sidney Lumet and that she had affaires with Frank Sinatra, Howard Hughes and Marlon Brando wasn't that exciting and new to me. Well, I did not know that she snogged Gene Kelly - but for that bit you should not consider buying this book.

So - this was a rather short post and here you have the German Cover - which shows actually my favourite picture of Gloria Vanderbilt:

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