Montag, 11. Juni 2012

It's Monday - what are you reading?

This is part of a meme hosted by BOOKJOURNEY.

Here we go:

 The last book I finished reading was

THE NIGHT CIRCUS (2011) by Erin Morgenstern.

Then I posted some reviews about:

(an adorable lady who was so kind to visit this little corner of blogland! I was really overwhelmed!)

MERIDIAN (2009) by Amber Kizer (that's the German cover..)

and also 

THE HELP (2009) by Kathryn Stockett (that's the Polish cover above..)

(this one I reviewed on my film blog and talked a little bit about the film, too)

I am reading now for my "book club"

EMMA (1814) by Jane Austen

and for myself 

A STONE FOR DANNY FISHER (1952) by Harold Robbins

 I hope you all are enjoying a great week filled with
 good friends, good talks, good music, good films and good books!

Thank you very much for visiting!


Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

Meridian by Amber Kizer

I pick books for the most strange reasons.. Amber Kizer likes to bake and loves the smell of lilies.. (At least so says a little piece of information about her in the German version of the book I am about to review now..) Well.. Enough reason for me to pick up a book by her which sounded also interesting (Hey - I might be strange but I am not crazy..): MERIDIAN (2009).

On her 16th birthday Meridian learns that it is no coincidence at all that so many animals are dying near to her - she is a Fenestra which means she is a link between life and death. Through her the souls of dying creatures find their way to heaven. (Well.. you might have guessed it since "fenestra" is latin for "window"..) By now it were just small creatures but very soon also the souls of human beings will start to look for a way through her - and as long as she is not fully educated it could kill her. Besides that before her education is finished also the Aternocti could turn her into one of them. They are more kind of a dark fenestra version and who won't be considerate of Meridian's family.. So she leaves her home to live with her grandaunt Merry - who is an old Fenestra and will train her.

That her grandaunt Merry is always near when people die and that a little girl does her last breath in Meridian's arms is more than just annoying religious fanatics - so they call for kind of a witch-hunt. Also not good for Meridian that Merry's own lifetime is close to an end and time is short to finish her training. Lucky for her that gruff Tens and his wolf Custos will look after her.. 

~ The Turkish cover.. I like it.. reminds me of TV series Charmed.. ~

This book is the first of the Fenestra series - but it is also understandable even if you do decide to not read on for it has kind of an end. An open end - but still no cliffhanger.. Which is actually a thing I like about this book for I am not too sure whether I go on reading this series or not.. (I put the follow up on my wish list so universe is going to decide for me.. that's a cheap solution.. but I might say it works.. and just by the way in Germany the second book was just released last year and whether next book will follow or not is yet to see.. ) I was a bit disappointed because I had the feeling one could have get more from that witch hunt plot.. well.. yes.. it is a series.. so maybe I should.. hm... 

Frankly I had a bit trouble to relate to the characters - though I like that Meridian suffers from chronic pain because of the souls going through her. Not because I want her to suffer of course - but there are few heroes/heroines who suffer from chronic pain and so this really was a big plus. And for sure I love the German cover (actually the cover photo is used quite often here.. I found at least two other books using it..) - I think the girl looks a little bit like Penélope Cruz.. What do you think?

~ The German title means: Meridian - dark embrace ~

Again - I am unsure whether I will read this series on or not.. well.. maybe.. at some sunny day..

I read in it 2011 for last years READ OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE CHALLENGE - and that it was.. 

Thank you very much for reading!


Samstag, 2. Juni 2012

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman

SAVING CEECEE HONEYCUTT (2010) is the first novel by Beth Hoffman - let me say that first: I do so hope it is not her last one! I know this review is kind of late - for I read this book last year in March.. But still.. I like it that much that I want to share this with you..

Ohio, 1967. Cecilia "CeeCee" Honeycut is a twelve year old girl. Her mother still thinks she lives in 1951 - when she won a Beauty contest and became Vidalia Onion Queen. She is quite famous for wearing her ball gown or other fancy dresses  and of course her tiara allday long - and blowing kisses to each and everyone she meets in the streets. Not too easy to take for CeeCee - especially since her father is quite busy in his job and seldom in town with his family.

One day  CeeCee's mother is run over by an ice-cream van and dies. So CeeCee moves in at her aunt Tallulah's house in Savannah, Georgia. Aunt Tallulah (called "Tootie"), her cook Olette and several of Tootie's friends take care of CeeCee - who now for the first time spents an almost carefree summer. Just now and then there will be flashbacks of her mother - and that Oletta gets robbed adds some stir, too. 

~ German Cover - the title means: The women of Savannah ~

Actually there is not much to say about this book - besides: I love it!

It's filled with several wacky women, a purple couch (I want such a couch since forever!), a Buddhist - who at times will declare that karma is merely a question of interpretation, a car used as a greenhouse, a guardian angel called Delilah, a bathtub in the garden (another longtime dream of mine..), a traveling bra and lots and lots of flowers.

~ The Norwegian cover - the title means: CeeCee Honeycutt's saving angel ~

Well.. Yes.. There are countles clichées in this book - but these are loveable and friendly clichées. And: I simply adore those names!! 

A very warm-hearted book which will leave you very relaxed - though you will have a hard time making a break while reading it.. It is a little bit like FRIED GREEN TOMATOES AT THE WHISTLE STOP CAFE (1987).. And those of you who (like me..) loved THE MOONFLOWER VINE (1962) - will adore this book, too..

 ~ The Italian cover - the titel means: Flying lessons for beginners ~ 

For me it is one perfect Summer book - and I really want to re-read it soon..

Thank you very much for reading!