Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010

The ole hootie owl hootie-hoo's...

THE MOONFLOWER VINE by Jetta Carleton (1962) is a rereleased best-seller.

The story beginns in the 1950ies in rural Missouri when Leonie, Mary Jo and Jessica are again spending the summer at the farm of their parents. It devolps to a retrospect from different views of the parent's youth to the adolescence of the girls in the 1930ies.

A delightfully easeful book with a plot that drags unagitated - I really enjoyed that! Just a relaxed reading - maybe you have to work a bit in the beginning till you finaly can relax - but that will happen really fast.

My grandmother and my grandaunt (and me) loved that book. My mother was bored to death. You may decide for yourself - but do I have to mention that? ;")


THE MOONFLOWER VINE was a bestseller in Germany in 1964 (No.1 actually!) - then it was named WENN DIE MONDWINDEN BLÜHEN. The German rerelease is called WENN DIE MONDBLUMEN BLÜHEN - both means "When the moonflowers bloom" ("Mondwinden" is the biological correct translation of moonflowers "Mondblumen" is the verbatim correct version.)


If you read this book in the bath tub (guess who did that..) you may risk that your feet start to shrivel. No, I WON'T post photographic proof. You just have to believe me. :")

Drinks anyone?

Drink something really mild and unperilous like lemonade. I don't know about you, but when I was child mineral water with fruit sirup was heaven for us (when we had ice cubes too it was really glamourous) and this book made me feel nostalgic so my perfect drink for this reading is squeaking gaudy and sickly sweet.

When I was a child Tammy was broadcasted in TV again. The German title of the series was "Tammy - Das Mädchen vom Hausboot" (= the girl of the houseboat). I loved that song - and I do love it today. Then I was determinend to live on a houseboat like Tammy did. I was totally in love with that girl. Even her name was the prettiest I ever heard.. And in november the TV series will be released as a DVD box in Germany!!! *yay* Gee - do I hope it is as lovely as I have it in my memory.. ;")

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  1. Love this video and your thoughts about TAMMY.
    That is a magical song, so sweet .Thank you for all your visits and wonderful comments on my blogs- so appreciated. Glad to be your friend.
    Check out my BOUQUET OF TULLE ROSES blog, I posted a image of Debbie Reynolds you might like.
    Take care and stay well.


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