Montag, 21. Februar 2011

Rachel Hawkins: Hex Hall

I picked HEX HALL (2010) by Rachel Hawkins simply because of the (German) cover - and because this year I am reading outside my comfort zone.

In a nutshell:

USA. Young witch Sophie Mercer is - after one of her spells went wrong - sent to a magical reform school: Hecate Hall (called Hex Hall) in Georgia.

She immediately fells for Archer - an attractive Warlock - and also almost immediately gets in trouble with three other witches and some teachers.

Her best friend and roommate Jenna - a vampire with a fondness for everything pink - gets in trouble too - in really, really deep trouble: One witch died before Sophie arrived in Hex Hall and an other is now attacked - and it seemed like the malefactor was a vampire - bad times for beeing the only vampire among the pupils.. And it was not the last attack towards a witch on Hex Hall...

Let's make it short: I loved it. Well, sometimes I was a bit annoyed by the extremely-cool-youth-language but that was not that bad. And: It is was very funny to read it. I love the characters - and I am going to read the second book from the HEX HALL SERIES too.

Here is the German cover:

The German edition has an added title: WILDER ZAUBER (= wild sortilege).

This book fits in two of my challenges:

The Read Outside of your Comfort Zone Challenge 2011

- because I don't read Ya and/ or fantasy that often


The LGBT Book Challenge 2011

because my favourite character Jenna is a lesbian vampire. I did not know that and so I did not pick this book on purpose for this challenge.

Actually this main-character-is-a-witch-and-her-best-friend-is-a-lesbian reminds me of HEX a UK TV-Series - where the best friend is a lesbian ghost. (And also my favourite character..)


  1. I can understand you being attracted to that cover - very intriguing and effective!

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed Hex Hall! I thought it was a fun read too :) And I haven't seen that German cover for it before but it is gorgeous - love that flower in her hair!

  3. Hej, Danya!

    Isn't that flower gorgeous? (I love flowers in anywoman's hair - mine, too) ;")


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