Montag, 18. April 2011

It's Monday - What are you reading?


I am so sorry that I was posting so little lately - but I am working a lot on my classic film blog AND THEN THEY START TO SPARKLE :

Two friends of blogland and me are doing the "BEWARE THESE WOMEN Festival" where we are talking about all the tough dames, bad girls and wicked ladies of classic hollywood cinema.

It's a lot of fun but it sure does hurt my reading time.. ;")

Next month I am going to try to make good here and post some reviews..

Thank you for still following!

So - what am I reading?

I grabbed something easy - one of my favourite writers:

Elizabeth Edmondson: VOYAGE OF INNOCENCE

Have a real nice week!! :")


  1. This book looks interesting, I shall look further into it. Have a wonderful week. My Monday:

  2. I like the sounds of the beware these women festival.... awesomeness!!!
    VOYAGE OF INNOCENCE looks good too!

  3. Thank you, Jennifer!

    Sheila, if you like to please visit my film blog there are links to the other blogs.. ;") VOYAGE OF INNOCENCE is (till now) a very good read, too. ;")


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