Montag, 2. Januar 2012

It's Monday - What are you reading?

This is part of a Meme hosted by BOOK JOURNEY.

This month is right now filled with books - though I planned to have a slow start.. 

With my Goodreads-Reading group I am reading:

THE SCARLET LETTER by Nathaniel Hawthorne (1850)

With one of my friends I will soon start to read 

WIDE SARGASSO SEA by Jean Rhys (1966) 

- I am pretty excited to find out all about Mr. Rochester before he met Jane Eyre and even more to find out about the first Mrs. Rochester.. I already know the BBC film with Rafe Spall - but still.. A book might telling me more.. they usually do..

I am also reading - because he is our guest star of the month at the new film blog I am doing together with one of my best friends Monty Hawes LET THE SHOW BEGIN

BOGART by A.M. Sperber and Eric Lax (1998).

So - have a great start into the New Year - and read lots and lots of wonderful books!




  1. The Bogart book looks really good! Happy Reading and Happy New Year!

  2. I have never read The Scarlet Letter, some day I think I need to :)

  3. Happy Reading and Happy New Year to you too, Bev!!

    Sheila: Thank you for leaving a comment - I am not yet far enough into THE SCARLETT LETTER to tell if it is a good read or not.. But I was amazed that it is soo small.. Somehow I was awaiting kind of real a big book..


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