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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Have you ever picked a book because of it's cover - and it's title? I do that frequently.. And I also did it when I decided to read MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN by Ransom Riggs (2011).

In a nut-shell:

Jacob listens a lot to his grandfather who tells him stories about his childhood in a home for peculiar children - and monster which where after them. When Jacob grows up to be a teenager he notices that those stories are more likely chiffred stories of grandfather's life as a jewish child in a children's home during WWII - but then his grandfather dies in a gruesome way - and Jacob is sure that he saw one of the monsters there - but: did he really? Or is he going to loose his mind? Now he tries to find out - and together with his father (a hobby ornithologist) he travels to the Welsh island where the children's home was..  there might still be some of those peculiar children.. - maybe..

~ picture from the book - source: The Globe and Mail ~

A very fast read - nothing which is too high brow - or will make you think too much.. Frankly there were at least two occasions in this book which almost made my flesh creep.. But I am not really a tough reader.. So most of you might just smile a bit snotty now.. - so this might really be NOT scary at all for you..

I just adore those old photographs in this books. (like the one of the cover..) In my opinion there could have been more of them.. Well.. Actually I am collecting old pictures - because I like to think about the stories behind them..

Have a look at the German cover - which is very much like the original - I like both covers - but maybe I like it a tiny bit more in green.. :

~ the German title means: The island of the peculiar children ~

This book is one of at least two books.. And I think I will read the second book too - though I fear it won't be as nice as this one..

But the best thing just before I end this post: Apparently my favourite recent director Tim Burton is thinking about doing an adaptation for this!! Can't wait to watch that one!!

Your's very well and truly


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