Montag, 12. März 2012

Happy Birthday - Fanny Skeffington!

Oh.. I know, I know.. it's uncommon to do Birthday posts for fictional characters - but because I am behind my reading schedule - and haven't finished MR. SKEFFINGTON yet as I planned - here's a quick post for the book's heroine: Lady Frances "Fanny" Skeffington. (I am not joking.)

It's her birthday today (March, 12) as her author Elizabeth von Arnim stated in said book - so in the absence of other pictures of Fanny herself - have Bette Davis who portrayed her in the 1944 movie (one of my favourites - just btw):

~ Happy Birthday, Fanny! - by me and the guys.. ~

I love Fanny in the book. And I can somehow identify with her. In the book she appears to be much sweeter than Bette Davis played her - but I am not yet finished with the book - so.. who know's.. There might be a twist ahead.. Anyway: It is very, very ironic, witty and funny - just as I love my Elizabeth von Arnim books..

The review of this (and guess which film's too) will be posted soon at my film blog.. But for the book review I will of course post a link here.

Thank you very, very much for reading!



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