Montag, 8. November 2010

Hairstyling - in a Vintage Style

If you love to dress in a vintage way - I bet you do your hair in a similar style. ;") There are two books that I adore which are dealing with vintage hairstylings:

VINTAGE HAIRSTYLINGS by Lauren Rennells (I am sure you do know her Bobby Pin blog) which is somewhat the bible of so many vintage ladies I know. 200 pages and just beautiful! The 2nd Edition has some make-up tips, too. Look at to take a peak into the book!

And - I got my copy today and I am totally in love with it:

STYLE ME VINTAGE by Belinda Hay. (And of course there's a blog too: The Painted Lady) Look at ! - the most styles you'll see there you'll find in her book, too. It is more petite than the first book in this entry - but it is completely lovely! Pretty pictures and an oh-so-old-fashioned feeling when you hold it in your hands. ;")

Both books will teach you that vintage hairstyling is nothing to be feared of. Both of them have easy step-by-step instructions and similar photos.

I love both books and I will never ever give them away. Ne-ver!

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