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Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman

SAVING CEECEE HONEYCUTT (2010) is the first novel by Beth Hoffman - let me say that first: I do so hope it is not her last one! I know this review is kind of late - for I read this book last year in March.. But still.. I like it that much that I want to share this with you..

Ohio, 1967. Cecilia "CeeCee" Honeycut is a twelve year old girl. Her mother still thinks she lives in 1951 - when she won a Beauty contest and became Vidalia Onion Queen. She is quite famous for wearing her ball gown or other fancy dresses  and of course her tiara allday long - and blowing kisses to each and everyone she meets in the streets. Not too easy to take for CeeCee - especially since her father is quite busy in his job and seldom in town with his family.

One day  CeeCee's mother is run over by an ice-cream van and dies. So CeeCee moves in at her aunt Tallulah's house in Savannah, Georgia. Aunt Tallulah (called "Tootie"), her cook Olette and several of Tootie's friends take care of CeeCee - who now for the first time spents an almost carefree summer. Just now and then there will be flashbacks of her mother - and that Oletta gets robbed adds some stir, too. 

~ German Cover - the title means: The women of Savannah ~

Actually there is not much to say about this book - besides: I love it!

It's filled with several wacky women, a purple couch (I want such a couch since forever!), a Buddhist - who at times will declare that karma is merely a question of interpretation, a car used as a greenhouse, a guardian angel called Delilah, a bathtub in the garden (another longtime dream of mine..), a traveling bra and lots and lots of flowers.

~ The Norwegian cover - the title means: CeeCee Honeycutt's saving angel ~

Well.. Yes.. There are countles clichées in this book - but these are loveable and friendly clichées. And: I simply adore those names!! 

A very warm-hearted book which will leave you very relaxed - though you will have a hard time making a break while reading it.. It is a little bit like FRIED GREEN TOMATOES AT THE WHISTLE STOP CAFE (1987).. And those of you who (like me..) loved THE MOONFLOWER VINE (1962) - will adore this book, too..

 ~ The Italian cover - the titel means: Flying lessons for beginners ~ 

For me it is one perfect Summer book - and I really want to re-read it soon..

Thank you very much for reading!




  1. Thank you for this wonderful review of my novel. Irene, you've made my day. I'm so glad you enjoyed CeeCee's adventures and appreciate your kind words!

    1. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for visiting!! You're welcome! I think your book is one of the best recent books I have read in the last years! So: thank you so much for writing it!!

  2. My pleasure, Irene. You gave me a happy weekend surprise!

    1. You did the same to me - by stopping by and leaving a comment here! :")

  3. As a Southern gal at heart, I LOVE books set in my beloved South. This sounds like a delightful read. Unfortunately, as we have discussed, I am an incredibly slow reader, and with all the books on my "must read" list, it might be next year before I get to this one. But I definitely want to.

    Thanks for bringing the book to my attention.

    1. Well.. I think you might like this book, Patti! It is just wonderful! A really lovely novel! Highly recommended - really: I love it. :")


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