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Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Favourite Love Stories

This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week it is about: The Top Ten Favourite Love Stories (you might have guessed it - I should something about my entrances..)
I am no specialist in love stories - I read Jane Austen because of the humour. Please, do not throw books at me because of that!

If I grab a romance book because of the love story it is a clear sign that I am going to be ill. - esp. the flu makes me feel romantic - in a bookish way,- silly! ;")

Here are my Top Ten Favourite Love Stories - in no particular order:

1. AIMÉE & JAGUAR by Erica Fischer - a true love storie between a jewish woman and the wive of a Wehrmachts-soldier in WWII - heartbreaking!

2. THE CONVENIENT MARRIAGE by Georgette Heyer - the heroine Horatia is very brave and has a stutter! (I love that - she is so adorable!) She saves her sister from an unwanted marriage by proposing to the bridegroom to be by herself - and of course they fall for each other.

3. Col. Brandon and Marianne Dashwood from SENSE AND SENSIBILITY by Jane Austen (I think it is a bit because of Alan Rickman playing Brandon.. He is such a great actor - well, and I consider him attractive, too. And I LOVE Kate Winslet!)

4. Let's stay at Jane Austen: Jane and Bingley from PRIDE AND PREJUDICE - I know they are pretty lame - but I love them. I like lovely people. ;")

5. Charlie Brown and the redheaded girl - and all other romances from THE PEANUTS by Charles M. Schultz.

6. Daisy Dalrymple and Alec Fletcher from the DAISY DALRYMPLE MYSTERIES by Carola Dunn (thank you very much German editors for stopping the series after book 8!! *gnnnrrr*)

7. Nancy and Florence from TIPPING THE VELVET by Sarah Waters. (Yes, actually one book that I already have reviewed.)

8. Pinneberg and Lämmchen (which means: little lamb) from LITTLE MAN, WHAT NOW? by Hans Fallada: They fell in love. She gets preggers. They marry and than have to struggle with his unemployment: Hard times in early 3oies (pre-Hitler)Germany.

9. Hareton and Catherine from WUTHERING HEIGHTS by Emily Brontë. I love Heathcliff - but this is the cuter lovestory.

10. Margaret and John Thornton from NORTH AND SOUTH by Elizabeth Gaskell. I love the BBC for casting Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe!!

And here is my bonus:

Mr. Stringer and Miss Marple!


  1. Oh, oh, oh, Mr. Stringer and Miss Marple for the win!!! I adore the fact that they were married in real life and she made sure he got parts in her movies. Isn't that just too sweet?

    Also, OF COURSE Alan Rickman is attractive! he's a sexy beast ;) I really think Col. Brandon is too good for the Marianne character. hehehe

  2. O I stumbled across those books my Carol Dunn in a bookshop, sadly I wanted to try and save the pennies and get them from the local library but they don't have them! So gutted, they look so fun!

  3. Hihi! Yes, he (Alan Rickman resp. Col. Brandon) IS! :") You know, that this makes you my friend for life - do you? ;")

    Margaret Rutherford and Stringer Davis were such a cute couple!

  4. Rachael, yes they are! :") Thank you for visiting! :")

  5. Charlie Brown & the Little Red Haired Girl! Love that choice. I had forgotten the Carola Dunn books...it's been quite a while since I read any of those.

    Here's my list: http://myreadersblock.blogspot.com/2011/02/top-ten-tuesday-love-stories.html

  6. hihi, Bev actually I stood in front of my book shelves and thought about which couples I choose - and there was Daisy! ;") But I really, really like them!

  7. Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility made my list too. I liked the book S&S but then I watched the movie and just fell in love with Alan Rickman's portrayal of Colonel Brandon :)

  8. Alan Rickmans breaks your heart, doesn't he? ;") *sigh*

  9. Oh, Tipping the Velvet - what a great suggestion! I really love Sarah Waters books. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  10. You're welcome! I enjoyed the visit! :")

  11. I love that you have some girl couples on your list! I would too but haven't read that many unfortunately. Tipping the Velvet is on my "to-read" list and now your number one is going there too!

  12. wheeeeee! I have a new friend for life, and one with good taste as well. Any time you want to chat about the glory that is Mr. Rickman, let me know! hehehehehe

  13. Yay for #10! North and South has to be one of my all-time favourite love stories. I LOVE both the book and the BBC adaptation (although the BBC version has the advantage of having Richard Armitage<3).

  14. Booknympho: Thank you. ;") i hope you like Tipping the Velvet - I think it's amazing. Aimée & Jaguar is tragic - but none-the-less one of my altime favourite lovestories.

    Birdie: Haha! Thanks! :")

    Kate: He is gorgeous, isn't he? I love the end of the BBC-adaptation that much.. ;")


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