Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

I am working hard on keeping up with reviews!

I am! I try to do as many reviews as I can - there are so many books I've read but not talked about it in here! I love your comments and views about books you and I 've read.
I have added several lists down at the right side of this blog with books I read from 2010 till now - and to most of these books I am going to publish reviews here (Some of the titles are already reviewed - in this case they are linked.) - so: if you a curious what is coming up: sneak a peek! ;")

And - to make it a bit more interactive:

If some title sparks your interest and you want to read about it really soon: Please, let me know by leaving me a comment at this entry!

Thank you! :")

~ I am at your service! ;") ~

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Every comment makes me happy - because than I know there is someone out there reading this! ;")

Thank you for commenting! I am reading every comment you'll make - and when I can think of an answer I will post it. ;")