Montag, 3. Januar 2011

It's Monday - what are you reading?

This is a meme hosted by Sheila @ Book Journey.

Last week I read:

FROZEN LAKE by Elizabeth Edmondson

This week I read:

ANGELICA by Arthur Phillips

Next week or maybe sooner I'll read:

ASH by Malinda Lo


  1. I'm not familiar with these books but I'm so happy you joined the meme haha it's my favorite meme :D

  2. Frozen Lake just is an amazing title! Might just have to look up the summary and put it on my to read list!!
    Here's mine:

  3. These are all new to me. Have a wonderful week reading! My Monday :

  4. Good lineup!

    You asked me what made a book gothic...Wikipedia has a good entry that should help you with that:

  5. Hi, Samita. Yes, this year's resolution: join more memes. ;")

    Universe in words: It's a great book - I did a review here:

    Thank you, Jennifer! :")

    and: I thank you very much, Bev!! You're the best! :")

  6. Angelica has a fascinating cover! Enjoy your week :)

  7. I conquer that, Sheila. :") But I like the German cover ways more.. Will post a review this week end - I think.. (only 100 pages yet to go..) ;")


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