Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Books resolved to read in 2011

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Well, which books am I going to read in 2011? That's though because I make my reading decision always very spontaneously.. But I think these ten will work their way into my head this year:

1. ASH by Malinda Lo (2010) - yes, you know that if you're following this blog. I am going to read this one veeeery soon. ;") (Actually it is my next read.)

2. ANATOMY OF A MURDER by Robert Traver (1958) - do you know the film?? It's great!! (- yes, am preparing a film review in my film blog then, too.)

3. MY WICKED, WICKED WAYS by Errol Flynn (1959)- I love that man! (I think this is something I owe to my Dad..) I started to read this book last year - and loved it. Than I had to break the reading because I had to catch up with my classics book club reading - and this year I will finish it.

4. A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY by Libba Bray (2003) - this was on so many Best of 2010 lists.. :")

5. PROPHECY OF THE SISTERS by Michelle Zink (2009) - *ahem* I fell in love with a book cover - and it's setted in 1890..

6. IT SEEMED IMPORTANT AT THE TIME - A ROMANCE MEMOIR by Gloria Vanderbilt (2004) - I love biographies - and hej, there's Frank Sinatra in it! :")

7. There is a German Edition of Vita Sackville-West's Gardening columns - (3 volumnes actually) and this year I am going to read them all. Here's the cover for the Summer columns - pretty, eh?:

8. THE WAR AGAINST MISS WINTER by Kathryn Miller Haines (2007) - eventually a mistery setted in the first half of the 20.century is released in German!! *yay*

- German editors seem to twit me: They release the first book of a series than the third and then they withdrew it. I am waiting for so many series.. as the JOSEPHINE TEY MYSTERIES, A ROYAL SPYNESS MYSTERIES, THE LADY JULIA GREY MYSTERIES, THE MOLLY MURPHY MYSTERIES... *sigh*

9. THE LOST ART OF KEEPING SECRETS by Eva Rice (2005) - setted in 1950ies - I won't say more..

10. MANSFIELD PARK by Jane Austen (1814). Really, do I need to explain that? ;")

A German cover which I find really beautiful:
And? Have you books you want to read THIS year?


  1. Prophecy of the Sisters was a favourite of mine last year.

    My List


  2. I've read the book The Anatomy of a Murder, but I've never seen the film. I keep meaning to. I've also read The War Against Miss Winter. It's a pretty good one.

  3. Mansfield Park is on my list too!

    Mein Sommergarten's cover is Gorgeous! You actually have quite a few interesting covers! I liked The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets cover too.

    Love the look of your blog!

  4. Great List! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I want to read A Great And Terrible Beauty, but only after I read Going Bovine!

  6. Love your list! I resolve to read Prophecy of the sisters this year too. As for Mansfield Park, The Lost art of Keeping Secrets and A Great and Terrible Beauty - I have read and loved them! I hope you do too.

  7. Very nice list! I have read and enjoyed Prophecy of the Sisters and a Great and Terrible Beauty. Hope you like them! I will look for your review of Ash. Have fun on your reading adventures!

  8. First of all:

    Thank you all for your nice comments! It's a great feeling that outthere in the world people are reading my entries.. (and a bit crazy, too) :")

    Marce, I am really looking forward to read Prophecy of the Sisters!

    Bev, glad that you liked Miss Winter - now I know it will be good. :")

    Laura, thank you for following! Jane Austen is on quite a lot lists I noticed! That's great! ou picked two covers I like very much, too. The cover Mein Sommergarten (easy to translate that one isn't it? = My summer garden!!) is so alluring!

    You're welcome, Andrea! :")

    Kara, I am so unsure about Going bovine - the German cover doesn't appeal to me.. Well, I am eager to hear what's your impression! :")

    Thank you, Misha! I hope will have both fun with Prophecy of the sisters! Actually I stumbled over The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets at your blog - and because you liked the Libba Bray book I decided to read it. :")

    thereadingdate, I hope that I'll like them, too! :") I am going to comment on your blog when I review Ash. (I am really curious for that story..)

    Thanks again to all of you who visited and an extra-thanks to them who stopped and commented! :")

  9. Lots of interesting memoirs in your stack! Good luck in your endeavors this year.


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